Choosing a destination and how to plan for it

September 30th, 2019

We hope you respect the cultures of the countries you're visiting and wish you happy wandering! Thread carefully and enjoy!

Just think about where and when you want to go, and check for:
- passport’s validity, customs (VISA CONDITIONS),
- local warnings or information regarding recent riots,
- destination seasons (no Sahara trips in June - August please!),
- any vaccines or medication you might need for the trip, a list of which you can find on All you need to do is select your destination, check any of the available boxes and hit GO. If you have to get shots, you need to get them at least 15 days before leaving. We also recommend having a medkit!
- ALSO allow extra time for travel during local holidays! Queuing at a toll booth is not unusual, but around public holidays it can add hours to a journey!

Now you can start and read about where you're going. How many days have you got at your disposal? If it's for 3, 5, or more days, we just started offering a variety of travel guides! You can get a FREE 3day Guide here!

...Or you know, do like the majority and miss out on the cool stuff. I'm just teasing, almost anything is on the wwweb as long as you know where to search. But we'll give you that hidden gem for cheaper than most sell it for! RIGHT HERE :D ...just in case. Once you are there, you can also get some local recommendations, if you have any free time in that attraction-to-attraction plan of yours.

Considering you're done with the data on the cities and your chosen attractions, think how many days you're going to spend in each city, search for accommodation and meal prices (you should have a hefty breakfast, and pack your lunch, so you can power through the whole day), means of transportation and their prices between the points of interest, around, or between cities.

I found it rather useful to know the gas prices and distances between cities to estimate a good price for the ride... you know, so I don't get ripped-off! And that's the fares you catch between cities, not the hotel-provided transportation (careful what van you get into) or taxis (don't even get me started on taxi scams).

If you're going for extreme activities, consider your gear and don't forget about safety! I mean there's all kinds of things that could kill you out there: animals and flies and spiders and ants, snakes, big and small fish, frogs, sharks, some jellyfish, a mantaray, ...(goes on bragging for another 10 minutes; I think there was a stampede there too)... some plants, every-day polution, the plastic in our food and stomach, some pissed off hidden civilization of aliens, WHO EVEN KNOWS?!

Either way, we offer a small (but all useful!) variety of tools or gadgets for your packing, traveling, relaxing and feeling fancy, all HERE on our SHOP!

my god, this site has everyth...*get's interrupted* I didn't even mention the fact that we have a Facebook Travel Group where we post DAILY TRAVEL DEALS, OFFERS and DISCOUNTS! *heavy breaything* Also right here!

Ta-Daa! Now we have a budget! Let the madness of waiting begin! I can't even tell you how excited I am to stress everyone about my following travel XD Enjoy!

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