The best wander routes around the World

October 14th, 2019

We hope you respect the cultures of the countries you're visiting and wish you happy wandering! Thread carefully and enjoy!

- The Cook Islands - Paradisical punctuation marks on the mighty blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean, the Cooks offer a smorgasbord of tasty adventures. Good for: diving and snorkeling; paddling; caving

- Samoa - Going underground in one of Samoa’s incredible caves, such as Pa’ape’a Cave on Upolu (with its population of Polynesian swiftlets) or Dwarf’s Cave on Savai’i, a surreal subterranean lava tube leading into the underworld

- Australia - Riding Mt Buller’s 40km Australian Alpine Epic Trail in the Victorian highlands

- Indonesia - Climbing ancient Borobudur the world’s largest Buddhist monument features massive temple spires that sprout from the Kedu Plain valley floor, all set against a backdrop of countless volcanic peaks, including the volatile Mt Merapi

- Vietnam - Kayaking through sea caves and arches in Halong Bay

- Cambodia - Cycling around Angkor Wat, a 12th-century World Heritage-listed monument and the world’s largest religious site

- Laos - Scrambling up the 100 Waterfalls Trek

- Japan - Skiing Mt Fuji

- Nepal - The Annapurna Circuit, a trek within the mountain ranges of central Nepal. The total length of the route varies between 160–230 km

- Iceland - the only place in the world where you can explore the magma chamber of a volcano, Thrihnukagigur

- Cameroon - Soaring summits, rolling hills and an endless array of paths to explore on foot, bicycle or boat – Cameroon is full of physical challenges and cultural rewards. Good for: climbing; cycling; river exploration

- Gabon - Gabon is draped in stunning landscapes and is so overflowing with biodiversity that hippos feel the need to escape the crush and go surfing. Good for: hiking; paddling; climbing; surfing

- Botswana - Hiking into the sacred Tsodilo Hills to examine some of the 4000 prehistoric San rock paintings – it’s an outdoor art gallery like no other

- USA - Hiking Zion National Park’s Angels Landing Trail – just 8km long

- El Salvador - Perfect surf breaks, black-sand beaches, deep forests and the opportunity to scuba dive in a live volcano – El Salvador awaits the adventurous. Good for: surfing; volcano diving; hiking

- Guatemala - Hiking 60km into Petén jungle to the spectacular ruins of El Mirador, a fascinating, largely unexcavated Mayan city

- Azerbaijan - Explore an exotic land that falls between the cracks in most people’s consciousness – between Europe and Asia, reality and fantasy. Good for: hiking; mountain biking

- Oman - Exploring Jabal Shams and Wadi Ghul, ‘Arabia’s Grand Canyon

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