Capital city of one of the greatest, most beautiful countries in the world, at least according to some. You’ll get the absolute opposite if you ask others. In a day and age where it seems people find themselves at one end of the spectrum or the other, I feel like there’s always some middle ground between a fiery argument and that’s where I find myself in regards to the city I’ve called home for most of my 24-year-old life.

This is a country that has everything you are looking for. Seriously! Sure, you won't trust me at first, so trust Gunnar Garfors because he saw the whole world and he made a list of 12 countries that everyone should visit during their lifetime. And guess what country also made it on the list! Bucharest was built in an elegant architectural style, typical of the inter-war period, which is why it was also known as Little Paris.

Years later it mixes the old and new, with plenty of unique sights intermingling thanks to that. You can get more on that on our latest project. Our target is to share our and other peoples' opinions, and show others what an amazing city Bucharest still is.

Its got its high points as well as lows. Some good neighbourhoods, some in which you would probably not step foot your entire livelihood if you could help it. It’s just like any other metropolis you might run into in any other European country of your choice. But there are some things that set it apart from most. A handful of boons that make you appreciate it for what it is, rather than hate it for what it could be.

Here are some of those items: 1. It’s got everything. The end. Thanks for reading!

I kid, I kid, but I could very well end it there, because Bucharest does, indeed, have a little bit of everything, and most of it is right around the corner. Now I don’t know how much sense that sentence makes, but it is true. Let me explain.

From office building districts to parks, malls, fast foods, restaurants, cafes, tiny theatres lodged in between hotels and convenience stores, gas stations galore (we're a gas-guzzling people, what can I say?), cinemas, shopping centres, churches, the Old Town, museums, the Royal Palace... See where I’m getting at here?

One of the best things about this city is that no matter who you are or where you’re from, whatever you like to indulge in during your free time, there’s something for you here. And the fact that what’s considered the city centre takes up a good swathe of its footprint, means that access to any of your hobby-related locales is pretty fast if you stop to think about it. Now let's break the city down into more bite-sized chunks, shall we? 2. Parking spaces.

Alright, hold your horses, I’m talking about parks actually, places that you can carry out parking activities in: lay around on the grass, take long walks, eat some cotton candy, the lot of it. Bucharest does have some pretty neat parks, even if they’re not as extensive as one might enjoy. Herastrau, Cismigiu, IOR… Most of Bucharest’s districts have their own petite green patch that’s just waiting for you.

Cismigiu has always been one of my favourite – what with it being very close to home. It’s just the right size so that you can genuinely say you’ve seen it and you know it all (unlike Herastrau which I’ve probably yet to see over half of despite going there on a regular basis for years).It has enough nooks and crannies that you can end up calling your own and is usually not overly crowded (unless there’s a special celebration going on) which means it’s a go-to spot even if all you want to do is sit down in the shade and catch up on some reading.

I know, right?Who reads anymore now that we have audiobooks… Pfft… Grandpa…

by Costin Becheanu

Vama Veche

If you haven't been here then you never really partied. This is Vama Veche and it has grown exponentially over the past few years, becoming one of the premiere seaside destinations for the country’s youth.

It used to be nothing more than a handful of houses, huddled along a main road, with nothing more than a couple restaurants and the ever-present Stuf bar, its main “attraction” being the fishing nets laid out far outside the gulf, and the shipwreck near its Southern edge (which has since all but completely sunk underneath the waves).

Nowadays, it boasts myriad bars, hotels, watersport-related activities, a bustling nightlife, supermarkets, all you need is a car wash and you’ve got yourself a proper town. But one thing has remained the same – camping. Ever since the olden days, Vama Veche has been the go-to for bare-minimum, sun-and-sea survival.

Just you, your tent, and the sand in your… Eyes. And in that respect, it still delivers a unique experience to this very day. Uh, and the pancake place! You have to eat some Perverted Crows if you ever get there!

Simplicity – thy name is Vama Veche.

Sibiu is my favourite city

It is also known by the locals as Hermmanstadt, a germanic origin name, since this area was populated by Saxons and Romanians. The name of this area is Siebenbürgen, meaning the seven fortresses, making Sibiu one of those seven.

The city center starts inside the city walls, separating the touristic and residential areas. The important places to visit are close to one another. Just start in Piata Mare and you will easily waste up to two days roaming around it and still finding new things.

Personal Recommendation: Go in Turnul Sfatului (Council Tower) having its entrance in Piața Mică.

Malaesti Hut - Omu Peak

Corvins' Castle

Brasvo Valley

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