Nothing I say here can do justice to the beauty of Scotland


So I'll get on with this quickly. For those of you who don't know what the excitement is all about, Scottish comedy might be a good start. But seriously now, Glasgow - you will love it! It's got everything! Even the 1 Pound Shop, which has all sorts of bits and bobs at just 1£! :))

You will love the look of the old buildings against the industrial backdrop. It's a weird mix between old and new, but in a good way! I was also struck by how much they care for nature and their parks.
This city has everything, even a castle! It's lone disadvantage is that people don't really speak English (sorry). But don't take it personal! The funniest thing a local told me is that even Scots often have trouble understanding one another.

And the best part is that they are really nice people... It must be since they are so used to being asked to repeat everything they say (three to six times).

When in Edinburgh, you gotta pay the piper! Oh well, don't take this literally... You don't "got'ta" since there's hundreds of them. But enough about that! Edinburgh is the most beautiful city in Scotland! Its medieval look makes you feel like you're living back in the 14th Century. And the best way to feel that in its entirety is going on the Drunken Mile!

Or, of course, you can go out with your friends for some whiskey tasting, or the drunken mile, since this is the place with the most pubs per inhabitant. The place to be!


The Isle of Skye

Taking a trip to the Fairy Pools and making it in one piece takes a lot of nerve and skill. What's even trickier is taking a bath in the fairy pools! You get there, you park your car and you start walking the trail, hoping for sun.

Jamin went bankrupt after literally paying every piper in Edinburgh. There's no way luck wouldn't be on our side, right?... Right?! Are you still there or am I talking to myself? Of course not!!! We get to the end of the pools and the rain starts pouring like crazy. We stop and just stand there, looking at each other, everyone wishing to beat the living s*** out of a piper.

Within 30 seconds, water-proof turns into water-everywhere. As we start making our way back, one of us goes by the pools and starts climbing down. Trust me! said Whitey. So we went in after him and got ready for the swim. Getting in the water, I could only hear Brownie thinking out loud "it's only water being cold. Damn-cold! or as scottish say, bastarrd-cold...".

Eventually we conquered the three degrees-cold water in order to look two years younger. At least that's what "they" say; I even got asked for my ID later on while buying beer. Portree was our R&R destination after this adventure, one of the few civilised spots on this (mostly) remote island. I loved that small town feeling and the fact that when night draws in, people gather in pubs and listen to live folk and rock'n'roll bands singing their hearts out til the break of dawn.

Fairy Pools

Old Man of Storr


Loch Achtriochtan

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